Preapprovals Details

Go to Preapprovals tab from the dashboard and use the search filters to find a specific preapproval. After you have found the transaction you have been looking for, using the search filters, just double click on it to see specific details of that preapproval.

A new window will open containing the general details for that Preapproval ID and also providing details about all the payments associated with that preapproval.

The dashboard Preapprovals Details allows the user to always find specific information in order to be informed and keep track of his day-to-day operations and preapprovals.

General provides detailed information for the following fields: ID of the preapproval, Merchant Preapproval ID, Status, Method ID,Site ID, Site Alias, Merchant Alias, Merchant ID, Input Date Time, Description, Details, Maximum Amount, Currency, Method Option ID, Frequency, Mandate Reference.


Payments contains a list of all the payments associated with that preapproval and provides detailed information for the payment’s following fields: Payment ID, Merchant Transaction ID, Amount, Currency, Status, Method, Root Provider Transaction ID, Site, Country.