PayWithMyBank Preapproval Notification

Upon successful approval, we will notify you about the new status of the preapproval to the URL you setup in the Merchant Dashboard.

You need to respond with HTTP Status 204 (No Content)!

Preapproval notification format for PayWithMyBank:

Authorization: Basic MzAyMDE6aEo1Um9iWXg5cjdGZk53Q3ZIWTlMWEhxcXIrRkV6cmM3YUp2UVFrNEdhejFtZzdSeXk=

"Preapproval": {
  "ID": 19800,
  "Created": "20190729134913",
  "MethodID": 58,
  "SiteID": 30201,
  "MerchantPreapprovalID": "s2ptest_h-1",
  "RecurringPeriod": 0,
  "PreapprovedMaximumAmount": "20",
  "Currency": null,
  "ReturnURL": "",
  "Description": "1 year subscription",
  "Customer": {
    "ID": 2625948,
    "MerchantCustomerID": null,
    "Email": "",
    "FirstName": "John",
    "LastName": "Doe",
    "Gender": null,
    "SocialSecurityNumber": null,
    "Phone": null,
    "Company": null,
    "DateOfBirth": null
  "BillingAddress": {
    "ID": 520,
    "City": null,
    "ZipCode": null,
    "State": null,
    "Street": null,
    "StreetNumber": null,
    "HouseNumber": null,
    "HouseExtension": null,
    "Country": "US"
  "Status": {
    "ID": 2,
    "Info": null,
    "Reasons": null
  "RedirectURL": null,
  "MethodOptionID": 0,
  "PreapprovedFrequency": null,
  "MandateReference": null,
  "Details": null


204 No Content

The message contains a Preapproval object with an updated Status, which can have the following meanings:

ID Info Description
1 Pending The customer needs to confirm the preapproval
2 Open The customer confirmed and you can use the preapproval to initiate recurring payments
4 ClosedByCustomer The preapproval is closed and can no longer be used to initiate recurring payments