Get the List of Documents from Mirakl Marketplace

Information about the required documents can be retrieved by using an action based on GET HTTP request. The response will contain a list of documents provided for each Shop ID in JSON format.

Definition: GET /api/shops/documents?shop_ids=…

  • shop_ids – [required] A list of shop identifiers.

Request Model:

GET /api/shops/{shop_id}/documents
Authorization: Basic Pre-shared-APIKEY

The following documents are required by Nuvei KYC platform:

  1. Bank statement (Not older than 6 months, with account holder and IBAN code visible);
  2. Company certificate / Incorporation certificate (Not older than 6 months);
  3. Register of directors (or any other document showing the company’s legal representatives) (Not older than 6 months);
  4. Passport copy of company’s legal representatives and UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owners – all natural persons that own or control, directly or indirectly more than 25% of the Company): Legible ID copy in color within validity period;
  5. Take into consideration that for each of the company UBOs that own or control more than 25% of the company you must also provide proper identity documents (Legible ID copy in color within validity period)!

  6. Utility bill that can be used as proof of address for company’s legal representatives (Not older than 6 months).