Nuvei Magento Plugin Installation

Thank you for choosing Nuvei extension for your Magento® store. The steps necessary for installing the Magento® 2 Plugin are described next. You can download the archive from GitHub.

Install the plugin using Composer:

  • Run the following composer command in the root of magento from your ssh console: composer require smart2pay/magento2;
  • Enable the extension in the command line in the root of Magento by executing bin/magento module: enable Smart2Pay_GlobalPay;
  • Update Magento to execute the install and update scripts in the command line in the root of magento by executing:
    bin/magento setup:upgrade
    bin/magento setup:di:compile;
  • In your Magento backend, go to System > Cache Management and click the Flush Cache Storage button;
  • It is recommended to log out, and log in again if you are already logged in to your Magento backend.