Payment Notification

Whenever a payment process is completed, we notify you of the event and whether it was successful or not. GlobalPay will send a POST message to the notification URL you setup in the Merchant Dashboard.

You need to respond with HTTP code 204 (No Content)!

Please note that you need to respond within a 30 seconds time limit otherwise we will resend the notification.

We recommend you to always verify the Notification content we sent and not just simply/automatically respond to our notifications. Also it is highly recommended to match the values for notification Amount and Currency with the ones from your database!

In exceptional cases it is possible to receive different notifications and your system should be able to handle such situations. If an additional notification is received with Success Status, it overwrites any previous notification.

If you do not respond to the notifications of type Payment our system will keep sending the notifications until it receives a response. At first you will be notified more often. Once the time passes the notifications from our system will be rare and they will eventually stop (after a period of time defined in our system, currently set to 7 days).