Recurring Payments API

The recurring payments API allows you, with an explicit authorization (preapproval) from your customers, to charge them any time that is needed, without the buyers having to perform a new payment flow for each new purchase.

The payment methods that support recurring payments are: QIWI Wallet (1003), SEPA Direct Debit (84), Cards (69), Paypal (94), Skrill 1-TAP (78), PayWithMyBank (58), GCash (1134), Kakaopay (1135), Dana (1136), Truemoney (1143), Touch and Go (1144), AlipayHK (1145).

For QIWI Wallet (1003), Paypal (94), SEPA Direct Debit (84), PayWithMyBank (58), GCash (1134), Kakaopay (1135), Dana (1136), Truemoney (1143), Touch and Go (1144), AlipayHK (1145) you can initiate recurring payments by first creating a preapproval approved by the customer. Having an open preapproval, means you have the possibility to charge the customer when and how many times it is necessary. This authorization is valid until the customer or you revoke this preapproval/authorization.

For more information on SEPA Direct Debit (84), PayWithMyBank (58) and GCash (Alipay Connect) (1134) preappprovals, checkout our dedicated sections: SEPA Direct Debit; PayWithMyBank; GCash; Kakaopay and Dana.

For Cards (69) you do not need a preapproval, you only need to send in the preapprovalID field the initial GlobalPay PaymentID received in notification of the initial successful one-off payment that the customer has made. To initiate a recurring payment for Cards (69) please skip to Create a Recurring Payment.

For Skrill 1-TAP (78), you do not need to create a preapproval. After the first successful one-off payment, you will receive a Notification from our system containing the Preapproval ID which you need to use for recurring payments. In order to see a full example of a payment request and all the parameters needed for Skrill 1-TAP payment method go to our section Skrill 1-TAP Payment Request.

A typical recurring payment scenario via GlobalPay for the alternative payment methods Qiwi Wallet (1003), Paypal (94), SEPA Direct Debit (84), PayWithMyBank (58), GCash (1134), Kakaopay (1135), Dana (1136), Truemoney (1143), Touch and Go (1144), AlipayHK (1145) is described next:

  1. The merchant creates a preapproval in GlobalPay and redirects the customer to GlobalPay.
  2. GlobalPay is redirecting the customer to provider.
  3. The customer enters the data specific to each payment method and approves the automatic debit.
  4. The customer is redirected to the returnURL specified by the merchant.
  5. GlobalPay notifies you about the preapproval status.
  6. Having an open preapproval, you can instruct GlobalPay system to charge the customer, whenever it is necessary (e.g. immediately or according to a subscription plan that the customer approved on your website), by only specifying the amount and currency.
  7. GlobalPay notifies you about the recurring payment status.

You need to work with two types of resources: preapprovals and recurring payments.