PagoCash Test Data

In order for you to test PagoCash payment method successfully, please use the test data provided.

Pagocash Payment Flow

PagoCash Test Data
Data Value
Email Address: Enter any valid email address. Example:
Phone Number: Enter any 7 digit number following the prefix +507. Example: 8339956
  1. The customer enters his email address and phone number and clicks on the Generate payment code button.

    1 Select payment option

  2. The customer is redirected to Pagocash page where he sees the reference number and the amount he has to pay. With the reference number received, the customer has 24 hours to complete the payment at any Punto Pago Kiosk by selecting Easy pay and entering the code.

    1 Payment code and details

  3. Upon completion of the payment flow the customer is redirected back to your ReturnURL.1 Return page when the redirection status is processing