Settlement Flow

Settlement cycles are defined in Nuvei system. Based on this, Nuvei generates settlement invoices for each shop. Also, Nuvei generates a commission settlement invoice for The Marketplace.

The acquiring banks and alternative payment method providers settle to Nuvei the (Gross amount – Acquiring/Processing Fees).

  • Nuvei settles gross amount – operator commission – acquiring fees to each shop. Settlement frequency: weekly.
  • Nuvei settles commission to The Marketplace based on Transaction Log API exposed by the Marketplace. Settlement frequency: weekly.

Optional functionalities:

  • Subscription fee can be collected by Nuvei from the shops on behalf of the marketplace operator.
  • Manual credits / debits will be issued by The Marketplace towards the shops and performed by Smart2Pay.
  • The Marketplace can withhold the payment of certain transactions towards the shop (e.g. only the transactions with PaymentStatus marked as PAID will be settled).