Nuvei Environments

Smart2Pay offers 3 environments that you can use to interact with our payment platform.

Demo – you should start in Demo environment where all the available payment methods are activated by default and you can use to test our plugin right away. No activation is required. You can test various payment flows for more than 150 payment methods. The order status does not update in this environment, you need to use Test and Live environments for an end to end testing.

Test – Once you are familiar with payment flows you should start the integration and testing phase using the test platform You will receive an e-mail from our merchant integration team with more details such as your test MID and instructions on how to generate the test signature and setup the notification URL where you will receive payment status change notifications so your orders are correctly updated once the payment flows are completed.

Live – As soon as the development and testing phase are successfully completed you will need to follow the same steps for integration on the live platform:

You can always contact our Merchant Integration Team to request additional information about our services at: