Nuvei Mobile SDK

By using Nuvei SDK for mobile, you can quickly integrate more payment options directly in your mobile application. Our SDK provides one unique interface to Cards, Alipay and WeChat in-app payments.

You can download our mobile SDK for Android and iOS together with demo projects from Github:

For Alipay and Wechat, the payments are initiated by the user from the mobile app and the initial message is sent by your server to our REST API in the usual way (see Create a payment), plus sending an additional parameter IsMobileApp: true. We will respond back with the Instructions field that needs to be passed from your app to our SDK. Our SDK handles the various calls to Alipay or WeChat apps and returns the control to your app for the final verification of the status.

Besides Alipay and WeChat, our Mobile SDK can be used for in-app purchases using Credit Cards. The advantage of using our SDK is that the credit card details never reach your server, simplifying to a minimum the PCI requirements you must meet.

For more details regarding the installation and the configuration of the SDK, please go to the below sections: