Nuvei OpenCart Payment Flow

  1. After the customer adds the product in the shopping cart, he has two options: to Continue Shopping or to go to Checkout.

    Image 5 - Checkout initiation

  2. Depending if the customer is a New or a Returning Customer he has to create an account or only to provide an email and a password to complete the login/sign in process.

    Image 6 - Customer's checkout options

  3. Depending on the billing country of the customer, the activated methods are shown in the checkout process in the Payment Method step.

    Image 7 - Payment method selection

  4. After selecting the proper payment method the customer needs to confirm the order.

    Image 8 - Order confirmation

  5. After order confirmation the customer is redirected to the chosen payment method provider where he finalizes the payment.

    Image 9 - Nuvei payment page with Redirect in Iframe set to Yes

  6. Upon completion of the payment flow, the customer is first redirected back to the Nuvei return page.

    Image 10 - Nuvei return page when the redirection status is a success

  7. The flow is ended when the customer is redirected back to order confirmation page.

    Image 11 - Order confirmation page