Nuvei WooCommerce Payment Flow

  1. The customer adds the product in the shopping. Cart. He has to options: to continue shopping or view cart.

    1 Adding products in the shopping cart

  2. In the shopping cart the customer can see the added products and the details of the payment.

    1 Checkout initiation

  3. The customer needs to enter the billing details, including customer and billing address to complete the sign in process. Next to the billing details the customer can see the details of the order.

    1 Sign in process

  4. Depending on the billing country of the customer, the activated methods are shown in the checkout process in the Nuvei – Alternative payment methods step.

    1 Payment method selection

  5. After selecting the preferred payment method the customer needs to confirm the order by clicking on the Place Order button.

    1 Order confirmation

  6. After order confirmation the customer is redirected to the chosen payment method provider where he enters the necessary details of the payment.

    1 Nuvei payment page

  7. Upon completion of the payment flow, the customer is redirected back to the payment return page.

    1 Payment return page when the redirection status is a success