Get a List of Documents

Information about the required documents can be retrieved by using an action based on GET HTTP request. The response will contain a list of documents provided for each Shop ID in JSON format.

The resource exposed for GET requests at the download_link location will be the actual file in binary format.

Definition: GET /api/shops/{shop_id}/documents

  • {shop_id} – The ID of the shop, a unique number that identifies the shop in the GlobalPay system.

Request Model:

GET /api/shops/{shop_id}/documents
Authorization: Basic Pre-shared-APIKEY

Response Model:

    "shop_documents": [
            "id": Int (Document id),
            "shop_id": Int,
            "date_uploaded": "Date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss, eg. 2018-12-31 23:59:59)",
            "file_name": "String (Original file name if available)",
            "file_type": "doc" | "docx" | "pdf" | "jpg" | "jpeg" | "gif" | "png" | "bmp" | "tiff" | "tif",
            "file_size": Int (size in bytes expected to be downloaded),
            "type": "company_certificate" | "register_of_directors" | "bank_statement" | "passport" | "bill" | "other",
            "contact_email": "Email of contact for which this document was uploaded - applies ONLY for passport or bill (should match contact email)",
            "download_link": "Link to download the file (if available), if file is not exposed through web server, provide entry point where we can download the file"
    "total_count": Int

The following documents are required by Nuvei KYC platform:

  1. Bank statement (Not older than 6 months, with account holder and IBAN code visible);
  2. Company certificate / Incorporation certificate (Not older than 6 months);
  3. Register of directors (or any other document showing the company’s legal representatives) (Not older than 6 months);
  4. Passport copy of company’s legal representatives: (Legible ID copy in color within validity period);
  5. Utility bill that can be used as proof of address for company’s legal representatives (Not older than 6 months).