Interac Instant Test Data

See how Interac Instant works with the payment flows for Interac e-Transfer. In order for you to test the Interac Instant payment method successfully, please use the test data provided. You will need a Canada VPN connection in order to successfully perform an end to end test.

Interac Instant – Interac e-Transfer Payment Flow

Interac Instant Test Data – Interac e-Transfer Option
Data Value
First Name: Larry
Last Name: Johnson
Email Address: Enter any valid email address. Example:
Phone Number: Enter any 10 digit number. Example: 0745123456
  1. The customer enters his email address, name and phone number.

    1 Select payment option

  2. The customer is redirected to the Interac Instant app where he chooses his Bank.

    1 Select payment option

  3. The customer chooses to pay via Interac e-Transfer.

    1 Card details

  4. The customer is redirected to the payment info page where he can see all the information needed to make an Interac e-Transfer deposit. The customer needs to go to his bank’s mobile app or website to complete the transfer.

    1 PIN Number