Klarna Payments Test Data

Test Data
Data Value
Email: Enter any valid email. Example: youremail@email.com
First Name: Enter any name. Example: Doe
Last Name: Enter any name. Example: Test
Phone Number: Enter any number up to 15 characters. Example: 1234567891
City Enter any city. Example: London
Street Enter any street. Example: Street 1
Zip Code Enter any number. Example: 12345
State Mandatory to be sent for country US. Enter any valid state. 

Example: CA.

Country: AT, DK, FI, DE, NL, NO, SE, GB, US
Countries supported in production: AT, FI, DE, NL
Article Type: 4 = Discount, 5 = Physical, 6 = Shipping_fee, 7 = Sales_tax, 8 = Digital, 9 = Gift_card, 10 = Store_credit, 11 = Surcharge

Please note that depending on the country chosen by the customer, further personal details may be required from the customer, like: Date of Birth or Social Security Number (Personal ID Number):

Additional Test Data required from the customer on the provider’s page
Country Social Security Number (Personal ID Number)
Sweden (SE): 410321-9202
Finland (FI): 190122-829F
Norway (NO): 1087000571
Denmark (DK): 801363945
Additional Test Data required from the customer on the provider’s page
Country Date of Birth
Austria (AT): Format is Day/Month/Year (DD-MM-YYYY)
Enter any date.
Germany (DE): Format is Day/Month/Year (DD-MM-YYYY)
Enter any date.
Netherlands (NL): Format is Day/Month/Year (DD-MM-YYYY)
Enter any date.

For more details about the specific personal details required please go to our section: Payment flows per country.

Klarna Payments Payment Flow

  1. This is a standard payment flow where the customer selected United Kingdom country. For test purposes, please use the above test data depending on the country used.

    The Customer fills in the form with his personal details and then he is redirected to Klarna’s page where he selects the payment period. He can choose a payment option from the given list: to pay 14 days after delivery (Pay later – option) or to pay over time (Slice it – option). He then needs to click on Place Order button.

    Pay later option:

    1 Place order

    Slice it option:

    1 Place order

  2. If the customer hasn’t provided in the first step one of the required personal details: email, name or phone, he will provide this info on a further intermediary page. Please note that if Shipping Address is not sent, then by default it will have the same value as Billing Address.

    1 Enter details

  3. If the details are filled correctly by the Customer, the transaction is completed and you will receive a notification with the Authorized status. Meanwhile the customer is redirected to your ReturnURL.

    1 Return page when the redirection status is a success

  4. The last step of the payment flow is the capture action when the transaction becomes successful. Simply do a capture request – POST /v1/payments/{id}/capture, where the ID is the GlobalPay Payment ID. In the response we will return the new status as being Success.