EPS Test Data

In order for you to test EPS payment method successfully, please use the below test data.

EPS Test Data
Data Value
Verfügernummer 123456
Verfügername Enter any name (example: John) or leave it empty, and click Login
PIN Enter any number (example: 123) or leave it empty, and click Login
Mobile TAN Enter any number (example: 1234) or leave it empty, and click OK

EPS Payment Flow

  1. The Customer enters the BIC and selects his preferred bank. The test BIC is: HYPTAT22XXX.

    1 Select bank

  2. The customer enters his login details. For test purposes you don’t need to enter any data (name or PIN), just click on the Login Button.

    1 Login details

  3. The customer reviews the payment details and proceeds with the payment.

    1 Review details

  4. The customer chooses to confirm the payment using mobile TAN.

    1 Mobile TAN

  5. The customer confirms the payment by using the TAN number.

    1 Payment confirmation

  6. The customer receives a message that the EPS online transfer was successful.

    1 Payment confirmation received

  7. Upon completion of the payment flow the customer is redirected back to your ReturnURL.

    1 Return page when the redirection status is a success