DragonPay Test Data

In order for you to test the DragonPay payment method successfully, please use the below test data.

DragonPay Test Data
Online Banking Bank Name: Test Bank Online
Login ID: pwd
Password: pwd
Over-the-Counter / ATM banking Bank Name: Test Bank Online Over-the-Counter
You will get an email and you will follow the link and confirm the payment

DragonPay Payment Flow

  1. The Customer enters his email address.1 Enter email
  2. The customer selects his bank. For test purposes, please select for Online Banking: Test Bank Online, and for Over-the-Counter/ATM Banking: Test Bank Online Over-the-Counter.1 Bank selection
  3. The customer enters his login details. The test Login ID is pwd and the test password is pwd.1 Login details
  4. The customer selects his available bank account. For test purposes, please select one of the bank accounts given in the form.1 Bank account selection
  5. Upon completion of the payment flow, the customer is redirected to your ReturnUrl.1 Return page when the redirection status is a success