SEPA Direct Debit Test Data

For SEPA Direct Debit payment method there aren’t any test data available, but you can see how it works with the payment flow given below.

SEPA Direct Debit Payment Flow

    1. Make a Preapproval request to initiate a Direct Debit mandate with all the mandatory parameters (including Customer Name, Email and Address).

    2. The Customer is redirected to the Provider’s page to fill the IBAN Number:

      1 Iban Number required

    3. The Customer fills the phone number:

      1 Phone number required

    4. The Customer confirms the mandate using the 4-DIGIT CODE SMS code received:

      1 4-DIGIT CODE SMS

    5. The Customer is redirected back to the Merchant website:

      1 Preapproval ReturnURL

    6. The Customer receives the digital signed mandate via email:

      1 Received digital signed mandate

    7. You will receive a notification from our system which needs to be answered with 204 NoContent.

      Based on the PreapprovalID, Direct Debits can be initiated.

      For more detailed information regarding recurring payments, please visit our section: Recurring Payments API