Pay Now Test Data

In order for you to test Pay Now payment method (former SOFORT Banking) successfully, please use the below test data.

Pay Now Test Data
Data Value
Bank: Demo Bank
Accunt Number: 00000
PIN: Enter any 3 digit number
Account: Select one of the accounts listed in the form.
TAN: 12345

Pay Now Payment Flow

  1. The Customer fills the form with his name and email:1 Enter name and email
  2. The Customer waits while the page is being loaded in the new design:1 Enter name and email
  3. The customer enters the Bank name or Sort code (Bank code). For test purposes, the Bank name is Demo Bank and the Sort code can have 2 values: 88888888 or 00000.1 Enter Sort Code
  4. The customer enters his login details. The test Account number and PIN number are formed by any digit number; e.g.: 1234.1 Enter login details
  5. The customer selects the payment account. For test purposes, please select one of the accounts given in the form.1 Account selection
  6. The customers confirms the payment by entering the TAN number. The test TAN number value: 12345.1 Transaction confirmation
  7. The customer is redirected to the provider’s confirmation page.1 Nuvei payment page with success status
  8. Upon completion of the payment flow, the customer is redirected to your ReturnUrl.1 Return page when the redirection status is a success