Nuvei iOS SDK Instructions (Swift)

Now that you have imported the Smart2Pay.SDK package into your app, you need to follow the below steps in order to set up the Mobile SDK for iOS in Swift language.

  1. To get back to the app after doing a payment we need to set an URL Scheme.

    Select the Project icon again in your file hierarchy – make sure you are in the Info tab – URL Types.

    Fold it open and click the + button. You only need to set URL Schemes field. For example, you can use your bundle identifier. This ensures that there’s no other app that uses this URL Scheme.

    We’re all set to make a payment now!

  2. Create a payment from the data you’ve attained from the API.

    Let payment = Payment(id: id)
    payment.amount = 100 // This is in cents
    payment.currency = "CNY" // Use the three letter abbreviation
    payment.type = .ALIPAY // or .WECHAT 
    payment.delegate = this // The current view controller with PaymentManagerDelegate implementation
    let paymentManager = PaymentManager("urlscheme from step 4")
  3. Make sure the view controller uses the delegate implementation:


    For example, your view controller could look like this:

    class ViewController: UIViewController, PaymentManagerDelegate {

    To get the callbacks from the Payment Manager you need to add these two functions:

    func onPaymentSuccess(_ payment: Payment, _ body: [String: Any]) {
    func onPaymentFailure(_ payment: Payment) {

    The information needed is inside the payment. This is the structure of a Payment:

    class Payment {
       enum PaymentProvider: Int {
            case NONE = 0
            case ALIPAY = 24
            case WECHAT = 1066
        var id: Int = 0
        var type = PaymentProvider.NONE
        var amount: Int = 0
        var currency: String = ""
        var instructions: String = "" 
        var delegate: PaymentManagerDelegate?

SDK is now fully functional in your app!