MercadoPago Test Data

In order for you to test MercadoPago payment method successfully, please use the below test data.

Test Users Brazil
Test User 1 Test User 2
Email Email
Nickname TETE4663724 Nickname TETE5993983
Password qatest9001 Password qatest9857
Credit Cards Brazil
Card type Card number Security code Expiration date
Mastercard 5031 4332 1540 6351 123 11/25
Visa 4235 6477 2802 5682 123 11/25
American Express 3753 651535 56885 1234 11/25
To test different payment results, complete the information you want in the cardholder’s name:
APRO: Payment approved.
CONT: Payment pending.
OTHE: Refused due to general error.
CALL: Refused with validation to authorize.
FUND: Refused for insufficient amount.
SECU: Refused due to invalid security code.
EXPI: Refused due to a problem with the due date.
FORM: Refused due to an error in the form.

MercadoPago Payment Flow

  1. The Customer enters his name, email address and CPF/CNPJ. He can also change his desired currency from the given list.1 Enter email
  2. The customer logs in to his MercadoPago account by entering his email address and password. If the customer doesn’t have a MercadoPago account yet, he will continue the payment as a guest.1 Login details
  3. The customer selects and verifies the payment option from the list, enters the card’s security code and confirms the payment.1 Payment details
  4. The customer receives a message that the payment was successfully approved and all the payment data will be sent to the customer via his registered email address.1 Payment confirmation
  5. Upon completion of the payment flow the customer is redirected back to your ReturnURL.1 Return page when the redirection status is a success