UnionPay Test Data

In order for you to test UnionPay payment method successfully, please use the below test data.

UnionPay Test Data
Credit Card Number: 8171999927660000
Mobile Phone: +85211112222
CVN2: 123
Expiration Date: Month/Year: 12/30
SMS Code on PC: 111111
SMS Code on Mobile: 123456

UnionPay Payment Flow

  1. The Customer chooses his preferred currency and enters his email address.1 Enter email
  2. The customer chooses the option to pay as a guest and enters his card number to proceed with the payment.1 Enter card number
  3. The customer enters the necessary card information. He also has to check and agree to The User Agreement of UnionPay and choose whether the card number to be remembered or not. After the customer verifies the information he clicks on the Confirm and Pay button.1 Enter card details
  4. Upon completion of the payment flow, the customer is redirected to your ReturnUrl.1 Return page when the redirection status is Success