GiroPay Test Data

In order for you to test the GiroPay payment method successfully, please use the below test data.

GiroPay Test Data
IBAN (optional)DE26500700101234567890
Bank accountPSD2 Testbank
The payment status can have the following values: Open, Success, Failed and Cancelled.

GiroPay Payment Flow

  1. The Customer selects his bank from the list – TestBank.
  2. 1 Bank selection

  3. The Customer selects his bank account – PSD2 Testbank.
  4. 1 Bank selection

  5. The Customer agrees with he conditions and terms.
  6. 1 Bank selection

  7. The customer verifies the payment info: Details, Name, IBAN, BIC, .
  8. 1 Bank selection

  9. Upon completion of the payment flow, the customer is redirected back to SuccessURL.
  10. 1 Bank selection