Afterpay Test data

To successfully test the Afterpay payment method, an active account must be registered with the provider: it must have a valid email address and its usage is limited to one country.
Note that requests are subjected to amount limits checks.
The payment method supports either direct capture or an authorization-capture flow.

Afterpay Payment Flow

    1. In order to initiate a payment, the customer must provide the below mandatory details:
      First and last name, Email, Phone, Billing Address (street, city, zip code, state, country) and then press Continue.
      If no client details are sent, our intermediary page is displayed, in order to collect the necessary data:

      1 Enter name

    2. The client is then redirected to the payment page where they are presented with the payment schedule.

      1 Enter name

      Here, they can press on the Payment Method tab and add a new card that will be saved for future purchases.

      1 Enter name

      If testing for payment completion, please insert the below card and CVV(s):
      Card Number: 4111 1111 1111 1111;
      Expiry date: must be in the future;
      CVV: 000 for an approved capture;
      CVV: 051 for a declined capture.

      Once done, the Confirm button must be pressed.

      1 Enter name

    3. Upon completion of the payment flow, the customer is shown the provider’s processing page.

      1 Provider processing page

      After which they are redirected to your ReturnURL.

      1 Return page when the redirection status is a success

Depending on your Capture settings, after the client finished all the necessary steps, the payment can have its status set to either Success (with the automatic capture option enabled) or Authorized. If the later status is shown for a particular transaction, a Capture time frame is active for 13 days. If this time period expires, the payment is automatically cancelled and refunded by the provider and no further Capture action can be performed on that particular Authorization order.